07 Feb 2021
cat: Laravel, PHP

Laravel 8 Clean Architecture Example

Clean Architecture, like Onion Architecture is one of the popular domain centric architecture. This is my first time trying it on Laravel but in this tutorial, we will create a boilerplate Clean Architecture for Laravel 8 with examples on how to use it.
26 Apr 2020
cat: Laravel, PHP

Laravel Factory Design Pattern Example

In your Laravel project, imagine you have objects that mostly have the same methods or features and you want to dynamically create those objects, Factory Design Pattern helps you with that. Laravel uses this pattern when calling methods such as `app('cache')->store('redis')` in driver-based components.
26 Jan 2020
cat: Angular 2+, API

Laravel API and Angular Client Tutorial – Part 2 Client OAuth Login

In this tutorial we will create an Angular application that will authenticate to a Laravel OAuth server. We will use the authorization code with PKCE flow since the Angular application is an SPA or Single-page-application. In SPAs we can't store the client secret since it will be visible in the browser. So we are going to write the codes that will generate the correct login URL and redirect to it. After logging in to that URL the OAuth server will redirect back to our app where we can get an access token that we can use to request protected resources.
10 Jan 2020
cat: Angular 2+

Angular 8 OAuth 2 Authorization Code Flow with PKCE

Introduction In this tutorial we will create an Angular application that authenticates using Authorization Code flow with PKCE. PKCE stands for Public Key Code Exchange and is useful authentication code flow when you know it is not safe for the app to store the client secret such as SPAs (Single Page Apps). Setup To generate  … Read more